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Planning for Summer learning? Pitsco wants to help! Pitsco’s extensive experience tells them that every out-of-school program comes with unique challenges and goals. Their tam of former educators utilize their large catalog of hands-on products and curriculum to craft a one-of-a-kind program that fits your needs. From a single product to a total transformative program, … Read more

PITSCO: Open up STEM Learning at home.

From Pitsco Education: A homeroom classroom has never been more real. Add some fun to yours. Hands-on, minds-on learning can happen anywhere and everywhere . . . and we definitely believe and encourage that. That’s why we created the STEM Box series. With the new STEM Boxes, you can beat boredom and watch your students … Read more

Celebrate National STEM Day with Pitsco Education available on Express!

Pitsco is now available through Express! The STEM/STEAM focused retailer Pitsco is now available through Express! Please shop Pitsco for individual, classroom, and district level programs relating to robotics, coding, dragsters, drafting supplies, STEM, STEAM, or online testing. Find more information about Pitsco by signing into Express, clicking All Suppliers on the left side of … Read more