FAQ – Become a Vendor

How do I become a CPC Vendor Partner?
CPC currently partners with multiple vendors to provide a wide-array of procurement categories.  If your organization provides a product and/or service that is already offered by CPC, then your organization will need to wait until the category is re-bid upon the completion of the current contract.  Please review the Contract Documents section of a current vendor for the contract maturity date. All current bids are posted on the CPC website or you can register to receive bid notifications through our online bid platform by clicking here.

Should your organization provide a product and/or service that isn’t currently available through a partnered CPC vendor, please send a general informational packet including a proposal as to why you are interested in becoming a CPC vendor and what unique benefits you can offer our members to:

Lakes Country Service Cooperative
Attn:  Procurement Solutions
1001 E. Mount Faith Ave.
Fergus Falls, MN 56537
[email protected]

Upon receipt of your proposal, CPC will review the submission as time permits and will not accept suggestions via email or phone.  If there is a new product and/or service that will be beneficial to CPC members, and the CPC team decides to move forward, a competitive RFP process will begin.  Due diligence will be conducted, if the submitted product and/or service is deemed proprietary and will not push the competitive bidding threshold, CPC may enter into a negotiated agreement with the vendor.

What are the advantages of partnering with the CPC?
Service cooperatives in Minnesota were established to serve educational agencies in 1976.  These service cooperatives, which include cooperative purchasing, expanded its membership with the ability to offer its services to cities, counties, other governmental agencies and nonprofits (CCOGA’s) in 1995.  Through this experience, CPC has become a trusted, familiar, and reliable resource for members’ purchasing needs.  CPC promotes all vendors at various trade shows and conferences throughout the year, while executing the distribution of specific marketing materials such as print, electronic, and other marketing methods.  CPC has access to target audiences that are not easily accessible to vendors (Superintendents, Principals, Business Managers, etc.)

What are the lengths of CPC contracts?
Contract lengths vary depending on the agreement. Contracts can last anywhere from one (1) to four (4) years, as allowed by state competitive bidding statutes.   CPC typically signs one (1) year terms, with the option to renew, annually, for three (3) additional years. Negotiated agreements last one (1) year and can be renewed annually.

What type of marketing support does the CPC provide?
CPC has program representatives that are knowledgeable in all current CPC contracts.  CPC provides marketing support through newsletters, email campaigns, direct mail, website updates, webinars, and personal site-visits.  CPC works collaboratively with all partnered vendors to implement a marketing plan.  CPC assists vendors by providing the necessary outreach to increase and grow your business.