Cooperative Purchasing Connection (CPC) is the go-to purchasing contract for schools, city & county governments, and nonprofit organizations. Our contract offers competitively solicited contracts for: capital projects, facility maintenance,  classroom and office supplies,  computers, copiers, technology and more! 

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Imagine the buying power and expertise of 30 state agencies working together. That’s AEPA, bringing you nationally bid contracts designed to meet state bid law requirements.

Recent News

  • CPC’s 2024 Paper Program is LIVE
    CPC’s 2024 Paper Program is now live! This year we’re offering white copy paper, color paper, and miscellaneous white papers!
  • Tremco: Indoor Air Quality Answer Book for Schools 
    Get the Indoor Air Quality Answer Book for Schools  Prioritizing indoor air quality in schools is not just a matter of compliance, it’s an investment in the health and academic performance of students and staff. Experts from Tremco Roofing and … Read more
  • New – 2024 Blick Catalog
    The BLICK 2024 Materials for Art Education Catalog is filled with creative solutions for students of all ages and skill levels, from top-rated art supplies to classroom furniture, safety materials, and beyond.



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