Shopping Through SMART?

SMART and Express time out after 30 minutes of inactivity.  To make sure you don’t lose your shopping cart,  we recommend saving your shopping cart as a shopping list. The next time you log in, you will be able to access the items from your shopping list. Questions on how to save it as a … Read more

Ready to Get on Board?

With last weeks webinars, the Cooperative Purchasing Connection is asking School Food Authorities (SFAs) to band together and join the food solicitation process by signing a Letter of Commitment to participate in the food service and distribution programs for school food nutrition.  Other programs and soliciations will include ware wash (e.g. chemicals, soaps, sanitizers) and small wares (e.g. pots, … Read more

CPC Hosts Food Service Webinar

A Solution to the Procurement Puzzle: Cooperative Purchasing for K-12 Food Service The Cooperative Purchasing Connection hosted its first round  of food service procurement webinars as we hoped to have answered many of your questions pertaining to food service and procurement regulations. Remember, CPC is able to conduct the competitive solicitation process on your behalf, as … Read more