Ready to Get on Board?

With last weeks webinars, the Cooperative Purchasing Connection is asking School Food Authorities (SFAs) to band together and join the food solicitation process by signing a Letter of Commitment to participate in the food service and distribution programs for school food nutrition.  Other programs and soliciations will include ware wash (e.g. chemicals, soaps, sanitizers) and small wares (e.g. pots, pans, utensils).  Schools may choose to utilize any or  all of these programs.

The Letter of Commitment (LOC) must be emailed to us no later than September 29, 2017.  This deadline is in place to ensure enough time for aggregating data and ensuring all needs of the participating SFAs are considered.  The earlier we receive commitments and data from you the quicker we can begin our process in developing the RFP documents.  Please submit your agreement via email to: [email protected].

Letter of Commitment – CPC/Minnesota: CPC – Letter of Commitment 2018-2019
Letter of Commitment – CPC/South Dakota: SD – Letter of Commitment 2018-2019

SFAs or schools boards seeking further information may contact Lisa Truax or Melissa Mattson at 888-739-3289 or [email protected] for more information.