Tremco: Indoor Air Quality Answer Book for Schools 

Get the Indoor Air Quality Answer Book for Schools 

Prioritizing indoor air quality in schools is not just a matter of compliance, it’s an investment in the health and academic performance of students and staff. Experts from Tremco Roofing and WTI | Pure Air Control Services have compiled this “answer book” to address commonly asked questions about indoor air quality, including: 

  • What does the EPA say about indoor air quality? 
  • How do I evaluate indoor air quality in my facilities? 
  • What areas are prone to mold growth and what can be done to prevent it?  
  • What role does HVAC play in indoor air quality?  
  • How does the building envelope impact indoor air quality?  
  • What indoor air quality best practices should schools implement?  

By taking a proactive approach, facility managers can ensure that their school buildings are well-prepared with optimal indoor air quality and a healthy and functioning HVAC system. Click here to download the IAQ Answer Book or visit

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