Provide Your Input through Participation

Join the Focus Groups…Be a Pinnacle Part of the Solicitation Process

Many of you might wonder what the roles, duties, and responsibilities of the focus groups are when it comes to the solicitation process. Focus groups are composed of school personnel who are wanting to provide feedback on the solicitation process, assist in developing the terms and conditions, creating the product specification list(s), evaluating responses and recommending vendors for live presentations.

How much time will it take?
Members of the focus groups are not required to drive X amount of miles to attend focus group meetings. The cooperatives will make accommodations for those who are not able to attend in person (when applicable). A majority of focus group meetings will occur over webinar, conference call and/or email. Focus group participants, however, do have to commit to responding to the cooperative within a timely manner when requested (i.e. evaluations due, review of the RFP drafts, providing feedback, etc.).

Interested in Participating in the Focus Group?
If you haven’t already signed up through the Letter of Commitment to be part of the focus group, contact Lisa Truax at [email protected] and she’ll send you the required paperwork to be an active member in the focus group.

What to expect next?
Once the Letter of Commitment deadline has passed (September 29, 2017), the cooperative will begin communication with the focus group or groups. Depending on the number of those wanting to participate and their representation, the cooperative may create smaller focus groups depending on the service zone(s) created for this solicitation. Meetings (in-person, webinar, and conference call) dates and times will be scheduled and coordinated with the focus group(s).