Our Story

The Cooperative Purchasing Connection (CPC) provides the smallest schools, cities, counties, nonprofits and other governmental agencies with the same purchasing power of their much larger counterparts.

CPC Participating Agencies

Our competitively solicited contracts meet state guidelines eliminating the need for time-consuming bids and multiple price quotes.

Eight service cooperatives in Minnesota created the CPC to provide a solution for our members navigating the public procurement process.

We have expanded and grown stronger in the subsequent years and CPC now includes North Dakota and South Dakota.

Regional CPC representatives communicate regularly with their membership to provide updates on new products, services and vendors. We take pride in knowing our members on a first name basis!  


More than 50 vendors provide great customer service and significant discounts on quality products.


CPC’s contracts meet the competitive solicitation requirements so members can purchase without needing to bid on their own.

Minnesota statute §123A.21 and 471.345 subdivision 15
North Dakota statute §54-40.3 of the North Dakota Century Code
South Dakota statute §5-18A-37


Our participating agencies know and trust the cooperative purchasing program.