ESSER Funds for School Facility Improvements

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Learn About Using ESSER Funds for School Facility Improvements

A message from Tremco:

In this COVID era, keeping school building interiors comfortable, safe and healthy is more important than ever. That’s why Tremco Roofing created this video for members of CPC – so they can learn more about the ESSER II and ESSER III funds available to schools for facility repairs and improvements to reduce the risk of virus transmission and improve indoor air quality.

Did you know that roofing and building envelope continuity, HVAC disinfection and moisture management can significantly impact indoor air quality? CPC members can procure these solutions and more through the CPC contract for Roofing, Building Envelope, and Construction Services held by industry leader WTI/Tremco Roofing. What’s more, the CPC contract meets Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) requirements, which govern the use of federal awards like ESSER, ESSER II and ESSER III. To learn more, please visit

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