CPC Members are Priority Response Customers with ServiceMaster Recovery Management

ServiceMaster Recovery Management is trained and prepared to assist you when property damage causes disruption to your day-to-day activities. It’s more than getting your building restored. It’s about minimizing the disruption to your school as well as keeping your students and faculty safe. At ServiceMaster, we’re able to offer our expertise 50- plus years of experience in property mitigation. We understand the challenges and rely on our network of more than 600 locations and the backing of a $3 billion company. Because of our extensive education experience, you can trust that ServiceMaster will minimize interruption, mitigate claim severity and get your property back to normal quickly.

Our mission is to understand your critical business functions so we can restore your school to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible when events arise. When you need us simply call 800-245-4622 and notify you are a Priority Response Partner.

Mention contract Disaster Recovery Partner Contract #021.5B