CPC Begins Outreach to Food Brokers and Manufacturers

Come mid-July, CPC will begin its outreach to food brokers and manufacturers.  Meetings will consist of learning more about one another, including product lines, how they work with current distributors, new products entering the K-12 market and how the cooperative assists its participating school districts in conducting the food and distribution solicitation.

With over a dozen meetings scheduled with brokers and manufacturers, CPC will have a busy summer combining all of the information and preparing summaries for the focus groups that will steer and drive the terms and conditions and product specification lists set forth in the upcoming RFP.

CPC plans to host a single meeting time for all distributors who are able to service Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota to learn more about the solicitation process and for CPC and its participating schools to learn more about how food distribution works, the pros and the cons when it comes to K-12 foodservice.