Cooperative Continues Outreach to South Dakota

Great conversations at the South Dakota SNA Conference

The Southwest West Central Service Cooperative attended the South Dakota SNA Conference held in Watertown, South Dakota last week.  While the hot topic of the season continues to be proper and competitive procurement, SWWC offered up tips and an  overview of the upcoming solicitation process to all attendees.  Conversations included the ability to become compliant per USDA and South Dakota DOE procurement requirements, gaining competitive pricing from aggregating volume amongst potential participants and being part of the solicitation’s focus group that will work directly in determining the terms and conditions and product specification lists.

Outreach continued amongst the cooperative and the manufacturers and brokers that were in attendance, learning in-person about the options available to K-12, along with a few taste tests along the way.  Many of the brokers and manufacturers were excited to see the cooperative at the SD SNA show after this past months conversations – let’s just say, they’re excited to see how this solicitation comes together for all of the participants!