Contract # AEPA 023-E
Total Technology provides ethical and transparent device buyback solutions for all of your Chrome, Apple, and Windows devices. Total Technology specializes in creating customized device buyback programs for all entities to maximize the revenue of retired IT equipment.

Member Benefits

  • Up Front Quoting
  • Guaranteed Minimums
  • Assured Destruction Services
  • Recycling

Account Team Contact
Jason Lewandowski | 248-978-2965 | [email protected]

Brendan Wittry | 224-402-2424 | [email protected]

How to Order

  1. Email Jason Lewandowski - [email protected]
  2. Include Contract #21.11 in the “subject line”
  3. Provide an asset list with year/make/model/description
         a. Photos if Possible
  4. Provide any special instructions, such as: assured destruction, tracking, wipe reporting, certificate of recycling that may be necessary
  5. Pick up location and access to the devices details

Company Profile
We specialize in creating the most value for your obsolete technology. We provide buyback solutions regardless of the project size. Technology is a critical investment for any organization, and it is as important that you receive the highest value for those devices when it is time to refresh your fleet.

Contract Offerings
For the retired technology assets such as laptops, desktops, Chromebooks, tablets, and other related technology devices we can supply the following services and solutions:
Trade-In, On-Site Inspections, Fair Market Value, Secure Transport, Assured Destruction, End-of-Life Recycling, and Sustainability Reports.

Contract Information

Cooperative NameAEPA
Contract NameTechnology Buyback Service
Contract Number023-E
Contract Term01/01/2023 - 02/28/2027