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Idea Language Services

Contract # EQ-052920-03B
Idea Translations offers translation services.

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Member Benefits

  • 20% discount from our regular commercial rates
  • No rush or emergency fees
  • Discounted minimum project fee of $20
  • No cost for certifications

Account Team Contacts
Sergio Atristain | 860-781-6377 | [email protected]
Laura Origon | 877-409-8460 |  [email protected]

How to Order
Contact Sergio Atristain or Laura Origon and include reference to Equalis/CPC contract.

[email protected] | 860-781-6377
[email protected] | 877-409-8460

Company Profile
Since 2004, Idea Translations provides translation, interpretation, and content development services to organizations all over the United States and globally. We have an interdisciplinary team with experts in fields such as education, healthcare, eLearning, legal, IT, web and more.

Contract Offerings
The services we are offering include but are not limited to: 

  • translation, formatting, revision, and field testing of foreign language forms
  • translation, formatting, and revision of posters, brochures and other informative leaflets/notices, websites/selected web pages, documents or forms.
  • translation, formatting, and revision of assessments, test materials, and other instructional materials
  • translation, formatting, and revision of correspondence

All services mentioned above can be provided in the following languages:

Spanish Albanian Bengali Swedish
Portuguese Bosnian Latvian Cambodian
Italian Croatian Lithuanian Dari
French Czech Malay Icelandic
Russian Greek Norwegian Khmer
Chinese Hungarian Serbian Maltese
German Indonesian Urdu Persian
Arabic Slovak Afrikanns Punjabi
Armenian Thai Finnish Tagalog
Korean Bulgarian Georgian Tamil
Turkish Danish Hmong Tatar
Japanese Estonian Kazakh Tigrinya
Dutch Hebrew Kurdish (Sorani) Uzbek
Farsi Hindi Latin Xhosa
Polish Slovenian Macedonian Romanian
Somali Mongolian Vietnamese Ukranian

Contract Information

Cooperative NameEqualis Group
Contract NameTranslation Services
Contract NumberEQ-052920-03B
Lead AgencyRegion 10 ESC
Contract Term09/01/2020 - 08/31/2025
CategoriesProfessional Services

Supplier Information

ClassificationsSmall Business Enterprise (SBE)
Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
Woman Business Enterprise (WBE)