AmTab Manufacturing


Contract # AEPA 022-A
AmTab designs, manufactures and furnishes unique high-impact learning environments such as dining commons, labs, music rooms and class rooms with customizable design packages to include graphics, signage and décor.

Member Benefits

  • 50% on our whole product line with the opportunity for larger discounts up to 53% off based on a tier discount schedule.
  • Discounted Interior Design and Signage Packages
  • Discounted Installation


Account Team Contact
Daniel Foot | 630-301-7600 x43 I [email protected]

How to Order
For a quote call Daniel Foot, 630-301-7600 x43, or email [email protected] and ask to use contract AEPA 022-A.

Company Profile
AmTab designs, manufactures, and furnishes high-impact learning environments across the country. Our award-winning furniture product and world-class design team transforms ordinary sections of the school and turns them into modern, popular, and fun rooms that both students and staff want to be a part of. We specialize in K-12 dining commons and K-12 food courts, computer and technology rooms, music and performance spaces, classrooms, science labs, and multi-purpose areas. All AmTab products and services help create inspiring learning environments and transformational learner experiences.

Contract Information

Cooperative NameAEPA
Contract NumberAEPA 022-A
Contract Term10/01/2020 - 02/28/2026