Contracts #21.1-MCO & 23.3-MAR
#21.1-MCO Sound Amplification: Marco offers bell/intercom/paging, and portable sound solutions or audio enhancement products.
#23.3-MAR Security Solutions: Marco offers security solutions including security cameras, door access control, and weapons detection.

Member Benefits

Contract 21.1 Sound Amplification Contract 23.3 Security Solutions
  • Discounts on sound amplification products and services, ranging from 2-50% off Education list price
  • Free planning, design, and recommendation services
  • Full-time dispatchers and support desk representatives
  • Free on-site or web demonstrations
  • Grant information
  • Customer references and site visits available
  • Complete physical security solutions – cloud based or on premises.
  • Discounts on all Avigilon security solutions.
  • Free on-site or web based demonstrations and use case examples
  • Free planning, design and recommendation services
  • Grant information available
  • Customer references and site visits available

How to Order
Contact your local representative. Orders must be placed with them to receive appropriate discounts.
     MN: Taylor Kirt | 800-847-3098 x1921 | t[email protected]     
     ND: Brenda Wall | 800-847-3098 x7166 | [email protected]              
     SD: Lance Bonn | 800-847-3098 x2015 or 605-444-2015 | [email protected]

Company Profile
Marco is one of the largest technology providers in the country with over 21,000 clients nationwide. We specialize in business IT services, copier/printer solutions, audio/visual solutions and managed and cloud services. Our technology experts break down complex solutions into simple terms to position your business for success. Learn more at

What are the contract offerings?
21.1-MCO: Sound amplification, bell/intercom/paging, and portable sound solutions
23.3-MAR: Security cameras, door access control, and weapons detection.

Contract Information

Cooperative NameCooperative Purchasing Connection
Contract Name21.1-MCO: Sound Amplification Solutions; 23.3-MAR: Security Cameras, Intrusion and Weapon Detection, and Door Access Control Solutions
Contract Number21.1-MCO; 23.3-MAR
Contract Term07/01/2020 - 06/30/2024
Facilities & Grounds
Security & Safety

Supplier Information