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Contract # AEPA 022.5-B
     Reference code AEPACTE
From classroom and district level programs to individual activities, whether you’re looking for robotics, coding, dragsters, drafting supplies, STEM, STEAM, or online testing, Pitsco Education has got you covered.
Pitsco products span the following categories:
• Robotics
• Coding
• Aerospace
• Drafting & supplies
• Dragsters
• Elementary STEM
• Engineering
• Furniture & Storage
• Makerspace
• Physical Science
• Robotics
• Structures
• Sustainable Energy


Member Benefits
Reference code AEPACTE on all orders and POs for a 2% discount on all orders.


How to Order
Reference code AEPACTE

  1. Place an order on Pitsco.com.
  2. Call us at 800-835-0686 and mention that you are part of AEPA to receive the discount.
  3. Mail or email your order - If you’re paying by purchase order, the PO can be uploaded to the site or emailed to [email protected] referencing the web order number. If you’re paying by check, the order will need to be mailed in along with the check to:
    Pitsco Education
    PO Box 1708
    Pittsburg, KS 66762-1708

 On Express

  • If you’re on www.purchasingconnection.org – log in or register for the Express online marketplace on the right-hand side of the page
  • If you’re logged in on Express – go to the upper right hand corner of the page and click “Search Catalog” to start shopping or click “Shop on supplier site” to shop from Pitsco's website.
  • If your school uses SMART or Skyward, Express might already be a vendor for your school or could be added as a vendor. For more information, click here.


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Catalog Request page: https://aux.pitsco.com/Forms/CatalogRequests.aspx?req=catalogs

Blog: https://blog.pitsco.com/home

Video Gallery: https://video.pitsco.com/


What are the contract offerings?
Career and technical education catalog

Contract Information

Cooperative NameAEPA
Contract NameCareer & Technical Education
Contract Number022.5-B
Contract Term06/01/2022 - 05/31/2026
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