SDS Depot


SDS Depot

Contract #F19 - SDS
CPC participants will obtain Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Depot access through Resource Training and Solutions (RTS) Service Cooperative at negotiated consortium level discounted pricing. SDS Depot is a solution to managing chemical inventories and safety data sheets.

How to Order
Purchasing agency should contact [email protected]

  • Agency will provide current chemical inventories, including chemical name, manufacturer, part or serial number and ISBN (barcode).
  • RTS will upload all SDS documentation into the Depot site established for the agency and/or applicable building.
  • RTS will provide full access to the purchasing agency’s Depot site.
  • RTS will provide an annual report at the end of the fiscal year or at the renewal process for all chemicals on an agency’s site.

Member Benefits
Pricing and Service Schedule, effective 7/1/2023

Product/Service CPC Member Rate
SDS Depot (1-3 buildings) $596.96 annually 
Additional Building $85.28 annually 
Chemical Inventory Negotiated
Missing SDS Request $76.75 per hour 

Company Profile
Manage Your Safety Data Sheets (SDS) with Ease
We know how important it is for you to be able to quickly and easily retrieve and review your SDSs. Resource Training & Solutions now offers SDS Depot, an online tool that makes accessing and managing your SDS information a snap.

• Our database is comprehensive: We are able to import thousands of data sheets into the site. Manufacturer updates are automatic so the information is always current and accurate.

• Create hard copy backups: You may request both electronic or paper copies of your information. It is easy for you to have backup hard copies for your SDS binders.

• Simple to use anytime, anywhere: Our tool is designed to be fast, simple, and easy to access. Retrieve your information and view it on any device that is connected to the Internet.

• Advanced inventory tracking and reporting: Designed to save you time, effort, and to make searching and data entry faster, our system uses bar code technology.

Contract Offerings
SDS Depot - an online tool for accessing and managing your SDS information

Contract Information

Cooperative NameCooperative Purchasing Connection
Contract NameSafety Data Sheets Database
Contract NumberF19 - SDS
Contract Term06/01/2018 - 06/30/2024
CategoriesFacilities & Grounds